2021 Honda Passport SUV

Navigating the 2021 Honda Passport Problems

The 2021 Honda Passport was made and released in 2020. Featuring a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine with a 9-speed automatic transmission, the mid-size SUV vehicle provides the owners with incisive comfort and pleasant experience. Targeting technology lovers and comfort seekers, the vehicle has successfully pleased a wide range of customers, saving its market share at a reasonable position in four years. This article addresses certain 2021 Honda Passport problems to give owners and buyers supplementary data to consider before and after purchase.

2021 Honda Passport’s Reliability

Numerous reviews have been given by experts regarding the 2021 Honda Passport’s reliability. Brand’s well-accepted image and reputation, limited reported issues and 60000 Miles warranty policies have brought 2021 Honda Passport’s reliability to an acceptable level. Based on consumer report reliability ratings, the car is supposed to be a reliable, comfortable SUV.

Compared with previous models like 2017 Honda Passport and 2019 makes, the 2021 series have obtained less reports regarding transmission and electrical issues. Regardless of any 2021 Honda Passport problems, the 2019 and 2017 Honda Passport makes have been reported with numerous transmission disorders, broadcast system malfunction and engine mount failures, making them undeniably less reliable compared with the 2021 make.

Common Problems with The 2021 Honda Passport

Most reports regarding 2021 Honda Passport problems concentrate on electrical and transmission issues. While there’s not much to worry about, the article addresses some of the most common issues in this case.

Common Problems with The 2021 Honda Passport

2021 Honda Passport Transmission Issues

 2021 Honda Passport transmission system features a 9-speed automatic transmission featuring paddle shifters. The whole system consists of a shift-by-wire mechanism with shifters mounted on the steering wheels to provide the vehicle with responsible, smooth acceleration and fast gear shifts. Featuring a smart traction management system, the 2021 Honda Passport transmission scheme helps the driver arrange the driving mode for certain road conditions. That being said, the system’s been detected with several bugs and restraints, leading to unpleasant driving experiences. 2021 Honda Passport Problems are discussed as below:

  • Transmission slippage: there have been several complaints by owners and experts, regarding the transmission system hesitation during the shifting and accelerating process. This could be a result of faulty solenoids or computer errors, both devastating shifting patterns. 
  • Rough, difficult shifting: This has been a common issue regarding the 2021 Honda Passport transmission problems. Some drivers come up with certain reports regarding the hardness of moving the gear selector with the vehicle feeling clunk while shifting gears. Low transmission fluid level is a culprit to search through in this case. lack of a proper, regular fluid change and checking the system’s lubrication would cause great damage to the vehicle. 

Compared with the 2021 Honda Passport, the Pilot models have gone through much more customer complaints. Most of the complaints have reported serious issues about gear slippage, shuddering and complete system failure. Faulty components, torque converter system failure and internal malfunction are the main causes of Honda Pilot transmission problems. The disorder has been observed in earlier Pilot models such as 2003, 2005 and 2009, while Honda Passport transmission problems are restricted down to some newer models like the 2017 Honda Passport and 2019 Honda Passport series.

transmission issues in honda passport 2021

Other Recurring 2021 Honda Passport Problems

Some other common problems with 2021 Honda Passport Problems are due to the vehicle’s electrical system malfunctions. Battery drain is a common issue reported by owners. In many cases, the drivers have experienced fast battery drain, normally because of serious electrical defects. Other reports address issues with the broadcasting systems and connection disorders. The users have complained about poor Bluetooth connection in numerous cases. Side accessories like door locks and window electrical handlings have shown signs of malfunction in other cases. Touchscreen disorders and display screen malfunctions have been of other cases of customer complaints, leading to connectivity hardness and displaying false information. Buying this Honda make, be sure to check the whole electrical and software system to discover possible serious snags.

A Look Back: Transmission Problems in Various Honda Models

Transmission problems are not restricted down to the 2021 make. Various complaints show similar problems with some previous models such as 2019 and 2020 models. Talking about Honda transmission problems. It’s vital to address the concerning issues with earlier models to obtain a great sight of pre-purchase comparisons to make.

  • 2019 Honda Passport problems: problems with the 2019 make outnumber later makes including 2020 and 2021 Honda Passport transmission problems. The most devastating disorders traces their roots back into faulty design of the 2019 9-speed automatic transmission system. Rough shifting and delayed acceleration has been of most reported issues regarding 2019 Honda Passport Problems. Faulty sensors have been to blame in most of these cases, giving the 2019 make less reliability, compared with later makes.
  • 2020 Honda Passport problems: 2020 Honda Passport have been caught red-handed, showing similar malfunctions. Due to the company’s design reconsideration in 2020, there have been much less complaints about this model’s transmission defects. The reports mostly regard software disorders in the transmission control unit rather than design malfunctions. It is worth noted that 2020 Honda Passport problems have occurred as a result of poor maintenance circumstances, making the model more reliable compared with previous models.
Transmission Problems in Various Honda Models

Discussing transmission problems, an important question arises: is Honda to blame? Are all these transmission issues exclusive to this company? The answer is a conclusive NO. Ford, let’s say, as a great market shareholder have been reported with similar, in some cases, more severe problems compared with Honda models. Let’s take a deep look at one of the company’s popular models and discuss 2019 F150 transmission problems:

  • Shifting problems: numerous drivers have come up with complaints about the vehicle’s shifting difficulty and accelerating hesitation.
  • Vehicle’s grating noises: among all different 2019 F150 transmission problems, this very symptom has been reported repeatedly by the drivers. When the vehicle tends to accelerate, grating noises arise, distracting the driver, alerting them about possible software and design issues or low fluid level within the transmission system.
  • Acceleration malfunction: the 2019 F150 transmission system has been detected with some serious repeated issues about the vehicle’s disability to speed up, despite the engine revving up.

As you can see, Honda passport transmission issues, while being an important subject to address, should not cause any misunderstanding to buyers, considering the company’s models as unreliable makes. 2019 F150 transmission problems, for instance, is a great example to show how transmission issues can cripple different company’s models.

Addressing 2021 Honda Passport Transmission Problems

Having discussed 2021 Honda Passport Problems, we can now take a look at any company recalls and helpful maintenance recommendations and repair notes. Following the reports regarding 2021 Honda Passport problems, the brand has provided the users with several recalls and service bulletins.

service bullets in 2021 honda pssport

Honda Recalls and Service Bulletins

According to NHTSA, the company has announced recalls for certain makes, including the 2021 Honda Passport. The cited recalls mostly concern the brake system, leaving the transmission section unmentioned. This tells the buyers that while the 2021 Honda Passport transmission problems need to be investigated, there’s no serious concern about safety issues.

The company has also released certain service bulletins, addressing potential causes and suggested repairs.

Solutions for Owners

The following suggestions are given to owners in order to help them keep an eye on the vehicle’s maintenance circumstances:

  • Consulting qualified mechanic services: qualified specialists can help owners diagnose any possible disorder with the transmission system including software and design, coming up with proper repairs and solutions.
  • Checking related warranties: considering 2021 Honda Passport problems in advance, the company presents powertrain warranties. The cited warranties include any possible transmission disorders for 5 years, 60’000 miles.
  • Regular maintenance: checking regarding technical components like fluid lubrication and software system performance on a regular basis would prevent any further expensive repairs costs.

Honda Passport vs. Honda Pilot: Reliability and Transmission Issues Compared

Comparing Honda Passport with Honda Pilot issues, one obvious finding concludes the subject. The transmission disorders in Pilot makes trace their roots back to fundamental software disorders and snags, while in the Passport cases, there’s always a problem of maintenance circumstances, leaving the owners to blame. There are some more differences to discuss:

  • Frequency: reports about the Pilot issues significantly outnumber those of Passport problems, acknowledging 2021 Honda Passport as a trustworthy vehicle.
  • Severance: owners have come up with much deeper issues and more destructive issues in Pilot make cases, while 2021 Honda Passport problems have a much less share in customer complaints. 

Considering numerous design flaws reports, we can consider the Passport make to be a more reliable branch of vehicles, compared to the Pilot makes.

the differences between Honda Passport vs. Honda Pilot

Enhancing Your 2021 Honda Passport’s Longevity

Regardless of all warranties and given company recalls, all the owners have to keep pace with certain maintenance guidelines to help save the vehicle’s longevity. In this regard, some helpful recommendations are listed below:

  • Use high-quality transmission fluids to monitor the system lubrication and assure the smooth function of the whole system pack,
  • Pay attention to regular checkups done by professional mechanics to neutralize any upcoming risks and costs,
  • Take it easy on the engine in cold weather and let it takes as long as it needs to warm up,
  • Watch and reconsider your shifting habits. Most of 2021 Honda Passport problems originate from improper gear shifting and revving up attitudes.


As addressed and fully discussed in this article, owners now know about common problems with 2021 Honda Passport, causes, desired warranties and needed repairs and longevity notes. Most problems could be consequences of poor maintenance and care in transmission cases. Other problems cripple certain electrical components and could be averted or repaired at a low cost.

2021 Honda Passport owners and buyers are always welcome to have the consultancy of Carproblem experts to check pre-purchase technical features and find professional mechanics to address their concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions about 2021 Honda Passport

What is the most common problem with Honda Passport?

Transmission issues have been the most concerning issues among earlier models from 2017 to 2020.

Is the 2021 HONDA Passport reliable?

Considering experts’ reviews and fewer complaints, this make is considered to be a reliable SUV.

How long will a Honda Passport last?

The average lifespan of Honda Passport SUVs lies somewhere between 200,000 to 250,000 miles.

What is the major problem of Honda cars?

Transmission issues, electrical malfunctions and airbag snags are among the most reported problems.

What are the disadvantages of Honda cars?

There have been several reports regarding road noises, infotainment system disorders and transmission problems.